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How to deal with toxic people and emotional abuse?


*This is not medical advice. If you feel overwhelmed, please seek professional help*

Fist thing it is important to recognize toxicity and emotional abuse for what it is. An attack on your wellbeing.

Laying boundaries is normally enough with normal people. With toxic people you need to go ahead and enforce the boundaries. If you can’t enforce boundaries, do not engage the negativity. If it affects you, do not show how it affects you. Do not give explanations and do not try to change how they see things.

Toxic people get emotional supply by seing you hurt. It is done to re-affirm their importance in order to feel good about themselves and keep up or maintain their self-esteem. If you can’t cut them off, stay away from them or have no contact with them, try to not feed their behaviour.

Now know that when you don’t produce enough emotional supply, they will try to attack your character and/or they will leave you or threaten to leave you.

Know the difference between what people think of you and what you really are; this will help you get through the character assassination.

Know the difference between being alone and being lonely; this will help you get through the fear of ending up “alone”.

Love yourself, be yourself. Enjoy being alone and happy with yourself until life brings or reveals to you people who are not toxic to you.

*Don’t forget: if you feel overwhelmed, seek professional help💕*


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